Why RVO?

R.V.O Services –Ghana offers the most affordable fee as compared to other international and local volunteer organisations, reliability, very active and above all safety of its volunteers being one of their main priorities.

RVO works with friendly and hard working staffs who always make sure volunteers have a memorable stay in Ghana.

HIV/AIDS Project

HIV/AIDS Volunteer Project in Ghana

Overview of the Project

Project: HIV/AIDS Volunteer in Ghana
Start dates: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month (dates are also flexible)
Location: Ghana
Departure and End Point: Accra, Ghana (Kotoka International Airport)
Language Need: Basic English / None
Accommodation and meals: Hostfamily accommodation and Ghanaian food three times daily
Activities: HIV/AIDS prevention, counselling and outreach
Working hours: 25-35 hours per week

In Africa, Hiv Aids and Malaria are the leading killer, killing most people as well as rendering most people orphans.It is in this regard that R.V.O has establish link with local organizations in Ghana, which are actively involved in the HIV AIDS Education and involve with community outreach programs such as educational programs through drama ,presentations and demonstrations etc. This R.V.O.project aims to prevent the transmission of HIV AIDS and to offer support to those affected by the disease. Volunteers in this project are mostly involved in taking care of people affected by the disease notably children and outreach education. Our HIV/AIDS Volunteer in Ghana project is attempting to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS as well as offer care and support to those infected. Armed with accurate information, this project spreads awareness and education, reaching as far as possible into urban and rural communities.
 Our partner organizations work to advance adolescent reproductive health and disease prevention. Project workers focus on promoting behavioral changes by facilitating related discussions in community groups, including youth in and out-of-school, antenatal clinic patients and general community meetings. The project provides educational materials on issues relating to the causes, effects and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs as well.

Role of a Volunteer

Orientation and training for the first week by local experts. In the following weeks, volunteers and local experts will be involved in: 
• Community education 
• Churches education 
• Schools education 
• Hairdresser's education 
• Shoemakers education 
• Markets/ Shopping centers education 
• Lorry parks demonstration activities to increase the awareness campaign in the Ghanaian communities. 
• Sometimes volunteers will engage in house-to-house education 
• Volunteers will sometimes spend time with those affected by the disease, by helping them to take their medicines regularly as well as giving them care and comfort. 
• Community education through drama. 
• Volunteers shall reach out to commercial sex workers / prostitutes at red right areas with the message of abstinence and condom use.

A typical day of a volunteer in the Project

7 AM – 8 AM: Breakfast:  Join Hiv aids experts  to go out on education/presentations
9AM – 4 PM:  Lunch break and Join Hiv aids experts again to go out on  education/presentations

Skills/Qualification Needed

There are no specific qualifications needed to join our HIV/AIDS Volunteer in Ghana, but your understanding of Ghanaian culture and language can help improve the experience for you and those with whom you interact. Consider enrolling in our one-week Language & Cultural Immersion program. Volunteers should be willing to share love, time and compassion with people, all the while maintaining great patience and high flexibility.

Volunteer in Ghana: Project Locations and Free Time Options

All Our volunteer projects are located in and around cities.
Ghana is a land of cultural diversity and contrast. It has many cultural and unique tourist attraction centres to offer volunteers. Cape Coast is a true cultural and historical town, most tourist love travelling to this town because of the Elmina castle where slave trade begun, the Kakum Canopy walkway, the cape coast castle, and the ancient buildings.
Please you are to inform the country the RVO co-coordinator before travelling.



All Spanish applicants must book through our Spanish Agency.
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