Why RVO?

R.V.O Services –Ghana offers the most affordable fee as compared to other international and local volunteer organisations, reliability, very active and above all safety of its volunteers being one of their main priorities.

RVO works with friendly and hard working staffs who always make sure volunteers have a memorable stay in Ghana.

Donation of Footballs/Soccer balls

Ramok Youth Soccer Academy is a sister organization to Robooker Voluntary Organization. (R.V.O) a registered and recognized charity based in Kumasi-Ghana, the royal city of Ghana. Ramok is founded by Mr. Richmond Amoakoh a Ghanaian and Mr. Robert Booker an American philanthropist as the directors of the Charity organization with both founders having youth development at heart. Ramok has three levels of development at the academy:

Under 8,12,15,18 respectively.

The youth would be taking through the following every evening after school:
- Ball Control
- Shooting and Heading
- Skills work
- Passing
- Speed
- Physical work
- Tackling
- Techniques in modern soccer

A lot of the Ghanaian youth who are from poor homes example are those from the various orphanage homes and homes for the street kids, after school are lured into bad peer groups, and these youth are engaged in a lot of social vices like drug addiction, armed robbery etc. which goes a long way to affecting their future. Ramok has taken it upon itself to scout these young children who have the talent or passion for football and groom them to take up football as profession. We strongly believe that, once they are successful in their football careers and knowing and remembering where they from its possible to turn to the needy/vulnerable youth at the various orphanages and street kids centres. Through the help of past volunteers, we have been able to acquire a 20 acre plot to start the construction of pitches and accommodation.

We have spoken with Experience and certified coaches who have agreed to volunteer their time to train the youth to meet the current international standard of the game.

Ramok Youth Soccer Academy is apparently soliciting for donation of footballs from all sympathizers,past and new volunteers of RVO Ghana, football fans and supporters of charity work who has the development of youth at heart for the academy to enhance the training of the less privileged, orphans and destitute youth who are the main target for this soccer academy.
We hope you will support this charity work to put smiles on the faces of these youth. Our target is to get 200 footballs and already some past volunteers have started donating.

Two or more footballs you will donate will go a long way to help a poor child get a future.
Please kindly email us at volunteer@robborg.org if you want to donate or for more information. Do not worry about how to ship them to us in Ghana , we have our past volunteers as representatives in every country where you can send them and they will forward them to us.




























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