Why RVO?

R.V.O Services –Ghana offers the most affordable fee as compared to other international and local volunteer organisations, reliability, very active and above all safety of its volunteers being one of their main priorities.

RVO works with friendly and hard working staffs who always make sure volunteers have a memorable stay in Ghana.

About RVO Services

R.V.O services -Ghana was founded by Mr. Robert Booker an American Philanthropist and Richmond Amoakoh Ghanaian social worker in the year 2013. R.V.O-Ghana is registered in Kumasi, Ghana as a company . with the following agencies in Ghana,The registrar General's Department as a company in Ghana and National Youth council of Ghana.  

R.V.O Services is one of the fasters growing volunteer ,job recruitment and placement company in Ghana with a travel record of placing hundreds of youth both in Ghana and abroad .we are dedicated to providing meaningful and affordable volunteer projects across the length and breath of Ghana as well as recruiting and placing Ghanaians abroad for job.

The idea was to enable people to use their leisure hours for the benefit of mankind through Professional, Labourers and volunteering.
This service took the form of participation in workcamps and individual volunteering for the realization more community development programs. People started crossing boundaries to join in the work of bringing new life, hope and ideas to remote places in rural and urban communities of Ghana and abroad.
Below are few of the programs offered by the R.V.O –Ghana:

  • Orphanage Work in Ghana
  • Healthcare and Health Education in Ghana
  • Teaching in GhanaHIV aids education /presentation in Ghana
  • Community Development Project
  • Language and cultural studies
    Between 2 and 4 People participate in R.V.O-Ghana volunteer programs every
    month and that is a good omen of how unique our programmes are and how
    reliable we are to volunteers.
  • Recruiting Ghanaians for man power job placement abroad.


All Spanish applicants must book through our Spanish Agency.
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